Signed First Edition Books

Books are popular collector's items. For many reasons, men and women all over the world seek out rare editions of books from authors of varying time periods to add to their personal collections and to secure as investments. Either way, some of the most valuable works are those that are both first edition and signed by the author.

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The two things that make most literary books valuable are rarity and demand. In the world of book collecting, there is perhaps nothing more valuable then than signed first edition books by popular writers. The first edition status makes the book rare, while the signature makes it even more unique.

Using Our Appraisers to Authenticate Signed First Edition Books
If you can authenticate the first edition status as well as the signature of a book, you can exponentially increase its value. In order to evaluate first editions, our experts at use the International Society of Appraisers' standards for pinpointing first editions as well as original signatures. We also guarantee every book we sell to be genuine.

With years of industry experience and accurate appraisals under our belts, we are one of the most qualified sources for signed rare books on the market today. Further, we even run our own appraisal service at So, if you have a book that you think might be a first edition, contact us to get verification of the value of your item. Contact us at 931 553 8916 or by email at to get started.