Rare First Edition Books

What makes first edition books so rare and so valuable? Over time, popular books get printed and reprinted dozens, sometimes hundreds, of times. The more sought-after the title, the more it will be reprinted. And, as the number of printings in existence increases, the value of first edition prints also increases.

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This is because first editions are usually limited to a small number until the publisher can see how large the demand will grow. Typically, second and third prints are much larger and worth far less because there are simply more of them in existence. At www.FlatSignedPress.com, we specialize in offering stunning first edition books of all kinds and all ages. Many are extremely rare and therefore offer great value to certain collectors and investors.

Locating Authentic Rare First Edition Books
One major pitfall for collectors to avoid, however, is being fooled by fake first edition books. Because of the value assigned to these rare commodities, there are plenty of fakes in circulation. Our experts have scoured the market to find only truly authentic versions for our inventory.

We guarantee the authenticity of every one of the books we sell. Our reputation is at stake with every item we list, so we take this commitment very seriously. Further, we want to always provide you with the best rare books available. Call us at 931 553 8916, or send an email to flatsignedtim@gmail.com for more information or for appraisals of rare first edition books.