Rare Collectible Books

Our goal at www.FlatSignedPress.com is to offer the widest selection of rare collectible books online as possible. We are one of the industry's largest online retailers and auction sites for rare books and collectible literary memorabilia, and we are constantly looking to improve our site and to reach even more customers.

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When you shop with us, you will find literary works from Mark Twain, Maya Angelou, Hillary Clinton, and famous Presidents of the past. Whether you are an experienced bibliophile and collector or a new generation enthusiast, we have something for everyone and every interest. We even carry first edition, flatsigned Harry Potter volumes that you won't find anywhere else!

Authenticated Rare Collectible Books
Book collecting is a pastime that is older than any of the ancient volumes we have in stock. It can be merely a hobby and also a very lucrative career. Wherever you fall in the scope of collecting, we are here to serve you at www.FlatSignedPress.com. Every piece we sell has been deemed authentic by professionals trained in the standards of the International Society of Appraisers, and we guarantee all works to arrive in the exact condition as described.

If you receive books that are in any other condition than described, we ask that you return them to us within seven days for a full refund. We take pride in our rare collectible books and want you to be pleased with every order you place. For more information, email us at flatsignedtim@gmail.com or call 931 553 8916.