Rare Books Online

When it comes to selling rare books online, it is vital that you use a reputable auction source that will allow you to list your book for free. Many online auction sites charge you a large percentage of the sale price of your item to list it, as well as additional fees. This can add up to thousands of dollars if your book is exceptionally valuable.

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At www.FlatSignedLIVE.com (the sister site to our main bookstore at www.FlatSignedPress.com), we allow you to list your rare books for free whether they sell or not. We never charge you a fee to list your rare books on our online auction site. As a part of our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with access to a vast number of rare books online, we believe this service is beneficial to all parties involved.

Quickly List and Sell Rare Books Online
In addition, we do not make you wait months to sell your book. We will move quickly with your transaction to give you quick results. When you consign a rare book with our auction site, we will pay you within seven days of received payment for your item. Additionally, your book will be listed within three days of your request! If it doesn't sell, you are under no obligation to us.

To get answers to any questions or concerns about the online auction process, contact our CEO Tim Miller at flatsignedtim@gmail.com. You can also call our office directly at 931 553 8916. We look forward to your business.