Rare Books For Sale

Choosing among the selection of rare books for sale at www.FlatSignedPress.com can be both a joy and a task. With tens of thousands of titles to choose from, you can have a hard time choosing just the right ones for your collection. The good news is, we have friendly and helpful staff available to help you make your decision.

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All you have to do is call us during business hours at 931 553 8916. You can also send us an email at flatsignedtim@gmail.com. Between 9 a.m. and midnight, you will usually receive a response to your correspondence in a few minutes.

Protecting Rare Books for Sale
Whether you are a collector, a seller, a buyer, or just a browser, there are a few things you can do to protect rare books while they are in your possession that will typically ensure a higher sale price. The first thing to always remember is to keep books out of direct contact with the elements. This includes the sun, wind, water (moisture in the form of excess humidity can even be damaging), dirt, etc. Pets and fingerprints should also be avoided like the plague.

Second, rare books will see a better sale price if you keep them covered with Mylar dust jackets. Of course, the original dust jacket will also garner you a much higher price in many cases as well. Finally, care should be taken to handle books properly. With particularly rare volumes, acid-free gloves and a tender hand are ideal. Never pull the book by the spine and inserts of any kind (that don't add to the value) should be removed to avoid acid interaction with the paper.