Rare Book Stores

Bibliophiles know that rare book collecting is more about finding and securing the right combination of books rather than simply accumulating a large number of volumes. In order to find rare works, it is imperative that you take advantage of rare book stores. However, most rare books stores can only offer you what is on their physical shelves.

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Sometimes they may be able to order something for you or find an auction that might have a work you are looking for, but often your options are ultimately limited. Instead of perusing countless dusty shelves in search of the perfect volume for your collection, try our online bookstore at www.FlatSignedPress.com. We offer our customers rare books from many genres and time periods, many with original signatures by the author on the title page.

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We feature more than 30,000 books in our store inventory. We are constantly collecting, selling, researching, and appraising to maintain one of the industry's more extensive private sources of rare and autographed volumes. The caliber of our collection simply sets us apart from other stores. We carry numerous historical editions with genuine title page signatures. Many even come with original book dust jackets as well.

See for yourself why the quality of our service and selection at www.FlatSignedPress.com is second to none. To find out more, we welcome your phone calls at 931 553 8916. You can also email our CEO Tim Miller at flatsignedtim@gmail.com.