Rare Book Dealers

Book lovers and industry aficionados are truly a special breed of people. Amongst rare book dealers, www.FlatSignedPress.com stands out as a beacon of standards and quality. We began our company in 2000 under the belief that rare book dealers should be reputable, friendly, and honest. What sets us apart from other rare book dealers is our commitment to superior customer service and excellence in selection.

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We are true bibliophiles, and our CEO, Tim Miller, leads this company with an unmatched passion for rare books and literary memorabilia. He has personally been collecting for more than a decade and has made a living by treating every customer with respect and kindness. If we don't have something that you want, we invite you to search our live auctions at www.FlatSignedLIVE.com periodically for constant updates and new inventory.

Rare Book Dealers and Publishers
In addition to being an industry leader among rare book dealers, we are also a publishing house. We offer limited numbers of collector's editions of books by celebrities, political figures, and famous writers. Each is especially signed by hand by the author, and never signed using an automated process or book stamp.

To place an order, simply use our secure checkout process online. You can also call us directly at 931 553 8916. You can even email our CEO at flatsignedtim@gmail.com. We value your business and appreciate your love of rare books so much that we'll reward you when you win three or more items in our live auctions during a week! See our auction website for details.