Rare Book Collectors

There are a number of things rare book collectors can do to enhance their collections and get the most from their investments at the same time. The first thing is to consider having a theme or collection strategy. Rare books are much more valuable when they are acquired according to genre or by author rather than when they are part of a random accumulation of old books.

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Second, condition and demand are paramount. Just because a book is old in age doesn't make it valuable. Further, just because it is signed doesn't automatically make it valuable either if there is no demand for the author or the work. Therefore, the most valuable books (and those considered most "rare") are typically those that come in their original, unaltered dust jackets and contain an authenticated, hand-written signature from a highly sought-after author. Usually, this is a famous fiction or non-fiction writer, a politician, a celebrity, or a public figure of some sort.

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