Rare Book Auctions

Rare book collectors know that the authenticity of any published work is the key to its value. Along with condition, signature, and demand, the work must be verified as authentic before any reputable buyer will purchase the item. For collectors, it is also especially important to determine the validity of any work before you add it to your collection. This is why rare book auctions stake their reputations on their ability to divide the real from the fake.

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At www.FlatSignedPress.com, we offer the finest in rare book auctions online at our sister site, www.FlatSignedLIVE.com. An accompaniment to our main rare book store, this site sets the bar for other online rare book auctions. We are dedicated to buying and selling only the most desirable works, all verified by our experts according to the standards of the International Society of Appraisers.

Famous Authors and Rare Book Auctions
On our site, you will find the works of famous writers, politicians, and celebrities. Most of them have been personally hand-signed by the author and are worth far more than their unsigned counterparts in the literary and collector's markets. We even reward you with bonuses for multiple purchases! If you win three or more items within a week, we'll automatically send you a first edition, flatsigned work by an author like John Grisham or Stephen King at no cost to you!

We accept most major credit cards, PayPal, money orders, and personal checks as payment. We also have a solid refund guarantee. If you feel we've misrepresented the work or it is damaged in any way, we will refund all your money within seven days. Further, if you simply change your mind, we will still refund 80 percent of your purchase price. For any questions, contact us at 931 553 8916 or by email at flatsignedtim@gmail.com.