Antique Book Values

When it comes to determining antique book values, there is no better source than our expert appraisers at Our company's founder, Tim Miller, has been collecting antique books for more than a decade in the effort to provide you with one of the largest selections available online or in physical locations. Now, directly from our website, you have access to more than 30,000 works from all literary genres and interests.

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What's more, you can take advantage of discounts, specials, and bonuses on antique books. You will receive our estimation of the fair market values for most of the items we carry and we will provide you with any accompanying documentation when available. Or, if you want to get your antique book appraised, we can also help in determining its value.

The Antique Book Values Appraisal Process
Through our appraisal site at, we offer accurate and up to date values for antique books of all kinds. After you submit your book or digital photos of your book to us, we will determine the authenticity and value of your work based on international guidelines. Depending on your intentions, we can help you sell your book as well.

It is helpful to have as much information as possible available during an appraisal. If your item has a significant tie to the author or a story behind the book's signature, then it may be even more valuable than an identical book in the same condition. Ultimately, we invite you to call us at 931 553 8916 or email us at to get detailed information on your specific work.