Signed Limited Edition

The Watergate Tapes
Hand Signed by
President Richard M. Nixon

Gold Embossed Black Leather Cover
Red Felt Lined Solid Cherry Box
Red Satin Ribbon Bookmark
Silk Moiré End Sheets
Gold Gilt Pages

4 Cassette Tapes Included

These cassettes were made from the original recordings (containing the best parts selected from the secret tapes that led to the downfall of President Nixon) with the voices of President Nixon as well as other Watergate conspirators including Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Colson, and more!

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President Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and hated Presidents in United States history, having the unique distinction of opening China to the West, starting the EPA as well as other liberal programs (although he was a conservative Republican) and being the only person to ever resign from Office as President of The United States.

FlatSigned Press is proud to bring you a book about the historic events that led up to President Richard Nixon resigning from office in an once-in-a-lifetime product for the serious book collector. President Richard M. Nixon: The Watergate Tapes is a limited edition book that chronicles the events of the Watergate Scandal, and is personally hand-signed by President Richard M. Nixon himself. President Nixon, like all authors who are having a Signed Limited Edition published, signed extra sheets to make sure there were sufficient signed sheets after any loss of the pages due to damage occurring during the printing and publishing process. FlatSigned Press has indirectly acquired the remainder of these sheets and bound them into this legendary quality leather book. This is only the third book in literary history to be published in a Signed Limited Edition posthumously. The previous authors who had Signed Limited Editions published after their deaths were Mark Twain with Works of Mark Twain, and Rudyard Kipling with Works of Rudyard Kipling.

This impressive volume of history is bound in 100% black leather with 22k gold gilded page block edges, spine lettering, and cover accents. This book features moiré cloth end-leaves and end-pages, Smyth sewn pages, a permanent satin bookmark, and a hubbed spine. Limited to only 94 copies of this Signed Limited Edition, this book is made even more impressive when it is presented in a custom hand-made cherry-wood box with brass handles and hardware, featuring a molded foam insert lined in red-felt to protect the book itself, as well as to hold four audio cassettes of the infamous Watergate Tapes. These are the very same recordings that ultimately led to the only resignation of a President in United States History. Now you can read the history behind the scandal and listen to the recordings that made American history.

With a hand-made cherry-wood heirloom box, a Signed Limited Edition book from a late President of the United States, and audio cassettes of the infamous Watergate Tapes, this collection is truly an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.

Very Limited Leather Bound Signed Exclusive Offering - President Richard M. Nixon: The Watergate Tapes With 4 Audio Cassette Tapes All Housed in a Beautiful Red Lined Solid Cherry Box $699

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