Book Publisher to File Federal Suit For Release of Secret JFK Assassination File

Washington DC, November 2009--During the week that marks the anniversary of the JFK assassination, presidential historian and publisher of presidential memoirs announced (at a national press conference held in Washington DC on Monday, Nov 16th) that he will file a lawsuit against the federal government calling for the release of the remaining secret documents relating to the death of President John F. Kennedy.

Tim Miller, president of publishing company FlatSigned Press, had the privilege of being authorized to produce the final memoirs of the late President Gerald R. Fordóthe last surviving member of the Warren Commission, which was assembled by President Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the JFK Assassination. Ford always stated publicly that he stood behind the findings of the Warren Commission even after other members of the same commission admitted that they believed the report was flawed and did not give the whole truth.  Additionally, President Johnson, Nixon and even the US Congress have stated that it was flawed and that the US Congress believed there was a conspiracy.

In this final book, a collectorís book hand-signed by former President Ford with only 3000 copies ever printed, Ford either deliberately or accidentally included hidden clues or conflicts with the official Warren Commission Report including confirming the role of at least one CIA employee in hiding and destroying information regarding the assassination even though the
Warren Commission reported that the CIA did NOT destroy anything. 

Shortly after the release of Ford's final book entitled, President John F. Kennedy: Assassination Report of the Warren Commission, this historical collectorís book became extremely controversial; Ford had three years to correct his words and the official record before his death, yet he instead gifted over 100 copies of the book to his close friends and family including Vice President Dick Cheney.

After President Ford died on December 26, 2007, Miller received an unsolicited email from a retired anchorman requesting a face-to-face meeting. During that meeting, Miller was told that the Kennedy family did NOT want the files opened and asked that Miller stop pushing the issue, which rang of an attempted cover-up even after 45 years. 

The new information had left both the Ford family and Kennedy families feeling uncomfortable and now, along with the help of a Michigan newspaper, they are casting doubt on Fordís book. Additionally, in that news story, the Ford family references the book and says it is in the hands of their lawyers and implied and/or are threatening to sue Miller and his company for fabricating the whole thing; even though Miller, his staff and the staff of President Ford spent countless hours working with the late President Ford on the book.

Mr. Miller has a written contract, which is signed by Ford, Miller and a third-party witness, Penny Circle, who at the time was President Ford's Chief of Staff and is now Chief of Staff for Mrs. Ford.  In addition, each of the 3000 books include an original photograph of President Ford signing the special, signed page and Penny Circle is pictured in each of these original photographs. 

"I was not a believer in conspiracy theories until I began working with Ford and his staff on his final book, said Miller.  "As I began reading what President Ford had written, flaws and carefully worded statements seem to jump out at me that supported facts, which had been presented by many others surrounding the JFK assassination," adds Miller.

Because this is the first anniversary of the assassination since the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy, whom Miller believes has quietly blocked the release of the file, he believes this is the year to push for the release of the documents. During Mr. Millerís press conference, he shared revealing information from the book, from his personal conversations with the late President Ford as well as the important information that Ford demanded be cut from the unpublished manuscript immediately prior to going to print. He also proved the legitimacy of the book by sharing copies of his signed contract with Ford. Then he announced his recent filing of a FOIA request demanding the release of the JFK Assassination Files from the CIA in addition to his plans to file a lawsuit against the federal government. Miller also discussed how he sees the releasing of the JFK files as a great way for Obama, within his first official year of presidency, to deliver on his promise of a new era of an "open government."

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About Tim Miller

Appointed by act of Congress in 1978 as a Lyndon Baines Johnson Scholar, Tim Miller, Owner and Founder of FlatSigned Press, had the privilege of working with the late President Gerald R. Ford as publisher of his final book. Miller started as President and Founder of Books and then branched off into publishing in 2004 with President Ford as his first client

Since that time, Miller has published books from notables such as Buzz Aldrin, Hillary Clinton, Val Kilmer, and General Hal Moore and most recently released the first ever, hardcover edition of "Braveheart".

Mr. Miller has been recognized as a Presidential "Historian" by the national media and consistently lends his expertise to television, radio and newspaper personalities and journalists researching the historical accounts and contemporary values of not only rare and autographed books but also topics that are historic and political in nature.

Miller served as White House Press Correspondent and worked for the U.S. Congress in 1978. He held Certified Press Credentials for the White House, the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate; and was named one of George W. Bush's 1,000 Points of Light by the Commercial Appeal of Memphis, TN where he had served as President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Tim Miller is a contributing author of "The Sanders Price Guide to Autographs," the definitive price guide for autograph collectors, as well as many other trade and consumer books and publications. He also maintains memberships in the Better Business Bureau, The International Society of Appraisers, The Manuscript Society and the Universal Autograph Collectors Club.

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