FlatSigned on Television

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Welcome to the new FlatSigned MEDIA page. We have High Quality streaming videos and audios of our TV and radio appearances. If you can view YouTube with no problem then things should go fine here. We are using an improved player (better than YouTube) but both use Flash (a plugin found already on 90+% of all computers) as the framework of the streaming media. To play or view files simply click on the images found below. When you see HQ under the image, it will be the new High Quality type file which can even be viewed full screen without too much pixelation, and the files are actually smaller and stream much faster on any system, although dial-up users may still have to wait a bit.

Neil Cavuto Show TV appearances

This popular show is seen on the Fox Network. FlatSigned CEO Tim Miller makes regular visits to speak to Neil and his worldwide audience on a variety of topics. Here are 3 recent spots concerning the Obama administration and its attempts to reform Washington while fighting against forces on all sides, including within his own party.

Dem InfightingBypass Big MediaHealth Care - HQ

FlatSigned Press Limited Editions on QVC

These three videos are all high quality and give great insight into the evolution of the FlatSigned Press and how three of these popular editions were created, along with a complete description of the books authored and signed by Buzz Aldrin, Gerald Ford, and Gen. Hal Moore. These books and others matching the beautiful style of these literary works of art are available for sale and can be found by going to the home page and clicking the appropriate links.

Gerald Ford Final Work - HQBuzz Aldrin Books - HQWe Were Soldiers - HQ

President Gerald Ford on JFK Revelations
Makes National TV News Shows

FlatSigned Press works have been featured in several national news stories. Below you will find 2 of these profiling revelations from the Gerald Ford book on the JFK Assassination. The first was a segment on Fox News which describes only the initial Ford offering. The WGN HD wide-screen segment came later and also provides information on the additional work authored by Tim Miller concerning the final words of President Ford on the subject. There are 4 total books available, which can all be found by going to the home page and starting with the first Ford work. The final video is the original TV commercial which aired nationwide when the book was first released. NOTE: The commercial gives a toll-free number which was only valid at the time of the original airing.

Fox News Report - HQWGN Segment - HQOriginal TV Commercial

FlatSigned Print Media

FlatSigned has literally hundreds of print articles published in magazines, newspapers, and other publications in addition to many press releases over the 15 year history of the business. Over the next few weeks a selection of these will be listed on this page. Posted below is the cover story from the Austin Peay Journal on our CEO and a brief history of FlatSigned and how it came to be, as well as the most recent press release dealing with a speech at the National Press Club in Washington by Tim Miller concerning the need to release government documents. A transcript of that DC press briefing and additional media will appear here soon.

Cover StoryRecent Press Release

FlatSigned Continues the Fight
Demands Release of Secret Government Documents

FlatSigned has been pressing many years for the US Government to release the secret files it keeps. This interview is a Gordon Liddy show reiterating the continuing need for various agencies to release all the documents relating to the JFK assassination and just recently aired in late 2009. YOU can help continue the fight. We have a communuty of persons interested in helping to achieve this goal soon. Please see the Gerald Ford page for all the information on how to become a warrior in this important cause.

Recent Liddy Show